Visit the Places of Faith in Tuscany

At this site you can find information about 2525 historical religious buildings. They were catalogued in the valorization project of cultural heritage that Regione Toscana conducted between 1995 and 2000.
In the database there are textual and iconographic material, that were collected during the project.

Geographic search
From the menu on the left side or by clicking on the geographic map of Tuscany, users can choose the province, area and municipality they are interested in. All the places in the municipality area are listed under the city (this method of consultation is peculiar to this project).
Otherwise its possible to search for a specific city by using the text search box.

Thematic search
Select a place using natural language words or keywords about a subject (Gothic, Romanesque, etc.) - or - search directly the place of faith if you know the name (or part of it).